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Muletide Perkins

12:00pm – 1:15pm

Bryan Mullins is a Rome native who writes and performs Southern folk-rooted “slop music” under the alias of Muletide Perkins. Muletide’s notion of slop music was derived from his love of potluck style family gatherings where each bite may hold an array of flavors. His approach to songwriting follows suit. Each song contains a mix of flavors, prepared with love. No divider plates, please. Muletide performs regularly around Rome and Northwest Georgia.

Milky Sway

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Milky Sway is an indie rock band from Cartersville, Georgia. Johnny Peyton (vocals, keyboards), Phil Orton (guitar), Dean Cochran (guitar), Joel Bridges (bass, vocals), & Brian Mercer (drums) started writing songs in the early 90’s influenced by bands they loved like The Ocean Blue, Pixies, Replacements, Catherine Wheel, Stone Roses, Big Star & The Cure. And like the underground bands who inspired them, they are much more than just a rock band. They have a dynamic sound that builds to great heights, but also cuts deep…hard for the mainstream to define, but worth the effort to see live. Their sound is built around the interplay between guitarists /songwriters Phil Orton & Dean Cochran, who support each other like friends who like to share a few beers & the same musical aspirations: to rock your face & hit you in the gut. The songs talk about everything from driving cars, to navigating relationships, to interplanetary travel. Adding ethereal keyboard layers, lead singer Johnny Peyton writes about the stuff that matters, like superstars hooking up to go up-town for a night out. Joel & Brian make the heart of the band beat on bass & drums. They’ve played together in various bands since they were in high school & started the idea of an indie band in attics & garages all over their hometown


2:45pm – 3:45pm

DynaGroove is a collective of like minded, professional, and impassioned musicians, exhibiting a fiery blend of Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk, Pop, R&B, and Soul. DynaGroove is not a band to be restricted by the confines of any one genre. DynaGroove is not this type of band, or that type of band. DynaGroove is simply a great band, performing great music. If you are looking for something a little different, you have found it. Welcome to the show!

Atomic Boogie

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Atomic Boogie is one of those rare bands that actually live the lifestyle they sing about they drive rusty Ratrods down dusty North Georgia back roads, drink white whiskey from moonshine stills and play real southern roots music without sounding like most retro bands.

With their own brand of Rockabilly, Blues, Hillbilly, Outlaw Country, Swing, Surf and Psychobilly
And after 15 years of countless gigs across the South they live up to the name of Rockabilly Outlaws!!!