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New Monday Night Brew makes premiere at Beer Fest

Posted Sep 4, 2013 in Georgia Beers

Blind Pilot DOuble IPAWe’re excited to share that the Atlanta-based brew makers, Monday Night Brewing, is bringing their newest beer batch to the Rome Beer Fest this year. Along with Eye Patch Ale, Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, and Fu Man Brew comes their newest beer: Blind Pirate Double IPA.

Blind Pirate Double Ale

Monday Night Brewing describe this beer as a surprisingly balanced double IPA. A pirate without the use of his eyes is a bitter man indeed. And this Blind Pirate’s bitterness is only matched by his boldness. He doesn’t care if you enjoy the citrusy, spicy combination of hops on your tongue, the faint herbal notes in your nose, or the exquisite balance of caramel malts looting your senses. The Blind Pirate is a bold, bitter ale not for the weak in spirit. Just don’t ask him if you can borrow his sight glass. He gets offended.”


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