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New Georgia Brewing Company coming to Beer Fest

Posted Sep 4, 2013 in Georgia Beers

Cherry Street Brewing Co-opBased in Vickery Village of Cumming, Georgia, Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative started out as a little garage operation in the foothills of the Rockies and quickly spread and built up great community support. Coming up with crazy off the wall recipes and experimenting with unusual ingredients and wild yeast, Cherry Street always has something fresh and exciting to enjoy.

Their beers featured at this year’s Beer Fest are:

Irish Red Eye Jedi

Irish Red Eye Jedi

Not too dark with just enough color, don’t let this beer fool you. Despite the color, Jedi is actually quite light with a hint of malti- sweetness lingering from the Scottish Yeast. This beer was designed after the more robust Reds in Ireland.


Hammered Monkey Hefeweizen

A traditional German Hefeweizen with great banana and clove notes. The beer was named by April Fister, as a part of their first “Name that Beer”.


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